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Born and raised in St. Barth, David is one of the preeminent surf instructors and judges in the Caribbean. David can often be seen around the island training his daughter Anais, who is one of the highest ranked surfers in the Caribbean. David has worked with surfers of all ages and skill levels and will be able to design a personalized surf experience that will provide you with the skills and confidence you need to ride waves.


Nina was born and raised on St. Barth and has been a world class surfer for nearly two decades. She competed on the professional European circuit and continues to be active in competitions across the Caribbean. She is well versed in working with both adults and children and has a high touch approach that makes all of her students feel at ease in the water.

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What else can you say about a World Champion other than he knows what he is doing! Dimitri is an elite surfer who was a staple of the global surf scene for years. He is experienced across all forms of waves and was nominated for Big Wave Ride of the Year for his escapades in Mexico. If you want to see surf excellence at its best, let Dimitri show you how it's done.


Matthieu is a fixture of St. Barth who enjoys working with surfers of all ages and skill levels. He can take it easy or he can crank it up to 11 and show you how amazing St. Barth's swells can be.



Born and raised on St. Barth swells Noe knows how to make your day both exciting and safe. He is well versed in working with all levels of surfers and prides himself on having a 100% get-up-and-ride rate for first time surfers


Noe's twin brother won't be overshadowed. Since his brother has a 100% get-up-and-ride rate, Thomas claims his is 200%. He is well versed in working with all levels of surfers and really enjoys getting new people into the sport.


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